Saturday, 29 September 2012

Who Writes Quotes and Saying?

I often wonder that who writes quotes and sayings and the reason behind my wonder precisely is that in this fast running world who are those lucky people who got time to give Gyan to others.

Arey bhai!!! "Yahan to khud ka hosh nahi dusro ko Gyan de to de kaise".

Though. In this facebook and twitter era we got so many around us who are doing this job pretty well.

Well I don’t want to waste your time as well as mine so let’s come to the point straight away.

I see this above written quote everyday on facebook. Sometimes girls with broken heart or sometimes boys with broken dreams post this on their wall on facebook.

Reading this I wonder about three things.

(1)   What he does when no rain.
(2)   Doesn’t he have a personal room where he can cry without caching by other eyes?
(3)    And most importantly why does he cry?

Ok Now read this one. 

On this I have just one thing to say “

Arey DADA! If you really love her or love him whatever it is, then why you need to pretend that you don’t. Just go and tell her that you really love her so much.
It’s so simple. Isn’t it?

Reading this I was literally laughing.

Look! You know Na! In what context someone would have written this.
 Obviously in the context of love

If she is breaking up with you then why would she prefer someone like you again in future? Obviously she would search someone exactly opposite of you.

Ak Galti Koi bar bar thodi karta hai.

And in the typical style of Mr. Bhide of “Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma”

Hamare zamane main…

Love was something different. In that period, people like us who have no work other than to criticize good things used to seem speechless in front of pure and pious love.

Wait I got one proof. Read this one and if you have balls then please do try to criticize this.

Reading this I was speechless.
Rab Rakhha !!!


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