Monday, 1 October 2012

Beta !!! Jubaan Pe Lagaam lagao...

A London return son and his Indian father were quarreling on some issue. Walls under pink paint and the wall of the house the honorable lady was in plain cotton Sari.

Have you heard about jet lag? In ordinary jet lag man feels tired but in this particular picture the jet lag was something different so its results.  

This jet lag was resulted in mouth ulcer. Son was really in a bad condition.

Suddenly the father shouted “Beta Juban pe lagaam lagao”. Hearing this son was on cloud nine. He thought No matter we are fighting but my father my lovely pa is this much concern about me.

He stood up hurriedly touched his father’s feet and took a leave from there. After two minutes the colony witnessed the sound of honking.

The son was driving too fast to reach at any medical store. His mouth was burning though there were winters in his heart and his soul. Tears…  

No!!! No!!! Tears jyada ho jayega…hehe…

So he was driving and finally stopped in front of a small medical store. He got off the car, walked and in his tooti footi Hindi asked…

Aapke pas lagaam hai. (Do you have lagaam?)

Pharmacist was like me. He grinned and said “We have smile jell. Would it work?  

Son “No my father has told me to apply lagaam. Well it’s ok if you don’t have. I will try on some other shop.

Now the son was in his car again heading towards the next medical store.

He tried on two other shops but not succeed. Outside the third pharmacy he was cursing India. Saying “Even in 21st century India don’t have medicines for mouth ulcers. Is India really shinning? Blah blah blah…

Getting no other clue finally he decided to call his father back to ask about the location where this lagaam jell can be found.

He called his father but before he could speak anything his ex Indian girlfriend touched his shoulder from backside. He cut the line down and started talking to her.

That evening they had their dinner together. After six or seven meetings finally he proposed her for marriage. Now they are married.

Today is their 5th wedding anniversary and it’s been five years he didn’t face any mouth problem. Every night before going to sleep he thanks his father for the ultimate solution of all mouth problems.

India invented the ultimate medicine of all man’s mouth problem before anyone. IF you too face this problem please get marry with any Indian girl. Only they can put the lagaam on you.

My dad never faced the problem of mouth ulcers. Do I need to tell you, why?

After three or may be five years Ill also apply to get one lagaam. IF you have any good lagaam supplier in your sight please let me know.


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