Thursday, 11 October 2012

Love With SuiMui of chakh De India...

Have you ever experienced the so called distance relationship? If you have then you would certainly know it’s painful but I bet my affair and the story is more aching than this so called distance relationship.

In second year of my graduation we’d changed our apartment and moved into a new one. Our (five bachelors) flat was on floor seventh. The society the area and everyone there was new for us. Among five the only person who I need to mention here is Louis.

Those days I was in a breakup mode.
Break up mode?

Arey wo hi wala jisme kuch accha nahi lagta aur uski yaad satati hai.

Samaj gaye na !!!

Cuz of some misunderstanding the connection between her and my heart was showing “attempt failed” error 404.


Fir Apni Basti Main Roopa aayiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….

On the fifth day I was in my balcony and I saw a leg coming out from the balcony of sixth floor. I curved myself to see whose leg is this? I failed in that though.

The clear picture was “someone was also standing in the balcony of sixth floor just one down to ours and her one leg (arey !!! najuk sa per tha that’s why I’m using this “her” over here)  could be visible from the seventh floor because of her standing position.

Seeing that my first reaction was “WOW” the owner of this leg must be too beautiful.

Are you smiling? You are na!!!

There is no need to laugh we boys are like this only. Wo kehte hai na

Dookan Dekh ke samaan ka andaja laga lete hai… Boys are like this.

I know some girls would also read this and would wonder about “what was unique in that leg?

Look!!! This is India. For us beauty is not just limited to color-completion and features. Some minor things also matters a lot in our life.
I still have the clear picture of that leg in my sights.

“A soft fair and clean leg (it was like the god had used his all creativity in manufacturing that leg) cooped in the chains of silver anklets and the upper portion wrapped in maroon legging was visible coming out and going in every now and then from the black railings of the balcony of sixth floor.     

That was one of most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.

I personally think that no matter how modern we become our real USP is our Desipana.

Watch shakira Britney or gaga thousands times though just one smile of Rekha or Madhuri is enough to make any man going crazy.

Soon everyone my all flat mates came to know that I’m in love again. Actually that was not love that was just affection though I don’t know what made them feel like I’m in love or whatever.

After two or three days one day I saw her completely I mean toe to head in the lift. She was very beautiful.

You know I’m still speechless and can’t describe her in any word.

But Aap samaj gaye na… chalo… where was I?

Yeah In lift. I was gaping at her continuously and I think that was the only reason she too had gazed at me.

Are you murmuring “love in the air”.

No, love was not in the air. It was in the lift. Even I prayed and offered 11 Rs. to the lord Ganesha to stop lift in between.
 I Remember very well I said...
  “Hey bhagwan please light band karwa do, lift kharab kar do,,kuch bhi karo,,main ladoo chadhahunga….”  

 But that day lord Ganesha was in a sleeping mode and didn’t pay any attention towards my offerings and the sixth floor came.

That evening same incident took place again in balcony and this time I sold myself to her.

Next evening I was in the market and Louis did something extra-ordinary.  

He wrote my no. on a paper chit and in the evening when she was standing in her balcony as her daily routine he threw that chat towards her.

And coincidently that chit directly crashed into her hands.

Around eleven in night I received a call from an unknown no.

I picked up the call my all friends gathered around me to listen her.

Hello!!! I said in a confident voice.

Helo!!! (A bizarre and typical Indian pronunciation came from the other side.)  

After this for next ten minutes my hello and her helo went on.

Next day again the same thing happened with me my love story was glued on this hello phase and I was thinking

Ye bol nahi sakti shayad, disable lagti hai… On the same time I was cursing Louis for putting me in this worst situation.

I’d been talking to my so called dream girl for two days and wouldn’t talk anything further than this Hello.

Finally on third day I decided to ask about her to the watch man.

Do you anything about the people who live on the sixth floor? (I asked him worryingly)

Yeah they are from west bengal and have business here in Ahmedabad. (He replied in no time.)

And who is that girl who lives with them. (Actually I had no balls to ask this question though gathering all my courage I asked him

after all Pyar ka mamla tha…)

She is their sister-in-law came from orrisa to spend her winter vacations. (He replied)

Finally I got to know something about her and that night giving my five or six hours and in her tooti footi hindi English I got to know these things.

Call Started at ten in night.

“I” Your name….
‘She” HO…

“I” Aapka naam…
“She”  HO…

Arey what’s Your good name…
“She” HO…

Finally using my all brain cells in two hours I got to know her name “Anamika”

OK… then…

Do you still think after this I got to know anything further about her?

Jab naam poochne main do ghante lage to ….

Soon my unique love story had spread in college like a wild fire. Everyone including my faculty members was laughing on me and I was like….


I remember we used to talk in the most bizarre style. On the phone I used to speak for hours and in reply only “HO” used to come.

Actually she was born in Bangal and just after her birth they moved to orrisa. She never went to any English school so English was not at all her cup of tea. She knew only two languages orriya and Bengali. And I only hindi and englsih.

But the most important lesson what I learnt from this affair is that love really needs no words. Love has no boundaries. It’s the most pious feeling and everyone has to love the way his partner is.

After eight months I was in Udaipur for my industrial training. One day to excess some important numbers I inserted my previous Gujarat sim. The moment I switched on my cell the very moment I received a call. I was wondering how it is possible that you would insert any sim after eight months and you receive any call just after two minutes.

Hearing my hello a shaken voice came. I could feel her heavy throat. She was talking fluent Hindi and that day I got to know that how much she loves me. Just for me she’d joined Hindi classes and learnt Hindi in just eight months. When she had no other way to express herself I used to talk too much to her and that day when she talking to me with the flood of emotions I was speechless.

Today I don’t know where she is. Is she OK or not? Every night before going to sleep I wish her a happy life.

IS Dharti Se Us Amber Tak Do hi Cheez Gazab Ki Hai”

Ak To Tera Bholapan Hai !!! Ak Mera Diwanapan”


  1. I don't have words to describe how lovely it was! Beautifully written, I wish you get back in contact if you miss her so much :) Tragic but lovely! Thanks for sharing this cute part of your life with us.
    The last two lines were awesome :) take care

  2. hahaha.. was watching Chak de! India. and for no reason I googled 'suimui kerketta', your blog came up and I almost died laughing. :D