Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Both of Me !!!

Two days back I laughed a lot and today I want you to laugh too on the very thing on which I laughed. Before I come to the point I just want to know ‘have you seen "Hera-Feri” you must have and do remember our all time favorite character babu bhai again your answer would certainly be “Yes”.

On Saturday afternoon we all “Jigri ( Partners for life, we drink together, we laugh together, we cry together, we live together and for sure one day we all will die together)” were hanging out at pharma bazaar and suddenly someone said “let’s go to have look of overflowing Lake Fateh sagar and everyone agreed except Tipu bhaiya. He tilted his neck making funny though with some typical serious expressions said “Kya karenge pani dekh ke”. But due to our combined force we made him sit on the bike and started our one of the most wonderful and a loll voyage.  

Tipu bhaiya and narendra bhaiya (everyone in my group is elder than me so I’ll have to use this bhaiya word every time, ‘after all respect matters a lot’) were on another bike and usman bhai, ravi bhai ( the originator of this unique phrase “both of me”) and me were on another.

Narendra bhaiya rides too fast so he was out of the picture with tipu bhaiya and we (Ravi bhai, usman bhai and me were heading towards our destination in a snail mode.

Just after a km we saw two girls moving helplessly on their scooty. Ravi bhai showed them his typical style of bike riding (Cut bazi and all that) and rode our bike ahead leaving them behind.
Few more seconds and I saw same two girls chasing us on their scooty waving their hand.
“Excuse me ‘suno’ suno please”.
 Seeing them chasing us I was shocked and said Ravi bhai to ride fast. And the reason behind my worry was the latest incident that took place in allahbad. I was thinking that now they would come and set our bike on fire, hehe.

In some seconds they came near our bike and asked me “Do you know where is madhuban”. First I took a deep breath and then replied.
Do one thing turn your scooty around and go back. You left madhuban area behind. (saying this I turned my face around and started my chit chat again with usman bhai)

Though ravi bhai was not yet ready to leave those girls alone and turned our bike back saying ( bichari ladkiyo ki madad kar dete hai). Hearing this me and usman bhai were thinking ( ladkiyo ki to waat lag gayi ab).

On next turn ravi bhai trapped them again and said. (Follow us, we will show you the way). I must say that that day was the unluckiest day of those girls’s life otherwise they would never have asked us the way).

So we were in front and girls were following us. Every now and then ravi bhai was asking me “mickey wo piche aa to rahi hai na beta” and I was replying looking back “haan haan aa rahi hai (yeah they are coming).

At madhuban we stooped our bike girls came and halted their scooty beside ours. That was the first time the girl who was riding that scooty unwrapped her face from her scarf and showed her face to me and usman bhai and her beautiful, pretty, cute, appealing, nice, face to ravi bhai. ( actually among three of us ravi bhai was the only person who likes her. hehe)

Now the girl sitting behind showed a visiting card and asked ‘where this clinic is situated’? Grabbing that card from her hand I looked at the address. The address was not complete so we were not sure about the location though just because in ravi bhaiya’s pressure me and usman bhai kept our mouth sealed and forwarded it to ravi bhai.

First he tried to show them the way from there only using his hands and gestures though seeing their innocent face finally he said “follow us again”. And again our the so called samaj seva began.

Two blocks ahead we all were again halted as now we had no clue where that clinic is situated. By then ravi bhai had begun his marketing job and started telling those girls that he is a territory manager in a pharma MNC house and he knew everything about this Market and all that. Usman bhai and me were smiling and thinking what would happen if he would ask them for coffee and all that dating stuff.

At last I took that card and dialed the no. of that clinic and asked the operator what’s the exact location of their clinic and with his guidance we showed them the clinic.
Now we were on our way to the lake fateh sagar. Reaching there ravi bhai was on cloud nine and wo kehte hai na “dil ke television pe ak hi channel chalna” his condition was exactly like that. He was cursing usman bhai and me that because of us he couldn't take her mobile no.
Seeing him so desperate I said, “Ravi bhai there is one more way to get their no.” Twinkling his eyes he asked “what”.
I said “look 'I dialed that clinic’s no. with my cell so we got that clinic’s no. now if you want to talk to them again just call on that very no. and tell the operator to forward this call to the girl sitting in front of him in the lobby.

Hearing this unique idea he said 'Yuppie hurree give me that no.'
He called and said exactly what I suggest him. The girl came on the line and the conversation started.

Hallo, this is rahul (ravi bhai is a big fan of shahrukh khan so every time when he talks with any stranger girl he tells her that his name is rahul.)
I am the very guy who showed you the way to this clinic. I hope you remember me.
The girl replied yeah say what you want to say.
Ravi bhai “As I told you I am in pharma field so if you need any further help take my no. and call me and started reciting his cell no.
Girl wrote his no. on a paper ( according to her on that time she didn’t have a cell phone with her and her Sister or friend was in the doctor’s chamber )
At last ravi bhai cut the line down with heavy heart.

____________________________________-- To be continued..

To complete this short one-sided funny love story I’ll need to write 1000 more words. I will post the next and the final part of this story in the evening. I bet that would certainly be a laughing out loud part.  


  1. Hahaha very humorous post. I am still smiling. You have an impeccable style of telling an incident. Loved reading the post. :) Keep writing will read the next past in the evening or tomorrow morning for sure. take care, spectacularly written once again....

  2. I am eagerly waiting for the next part. Kindly, post it tomorrow morning, if possible :)

  3. Ha ha ha ... this really made me laugh after a stressful work day ... good one ... enjoying the tale ... waiting for the next part :-)

    1. Thank you Mr. green. Getting comments from an avid blogger and I must say an avid reader too like you, every writer feels proud.