Thursday, 13 September 2012

O! Papad wale panga ne le !!!

I love daughters and I think that is the very reason we have so many in our family. Maurvi and honey these two lill angels are enough to make anyone’s life hell. I am telling you some of their most interesting talks and demands today.

Main Gori Chori hu Gopala !!! Tune tirchi najariya se kyu mara !!! 

                                                                               ( Holi Celebration)

I think these pictures are enough to tell you everything about maurvi my cousin sister’s daughter. 

                                                                           Honey: - 

Honey is 2 or two and half years old princess. She is the daughter of our tenants and one of the most notorious child of our colony. I remember very well when she was too young to pronounce any thing clearly she used to pronounce my name “makki”. Everyone taught her many times that it’s not makki its ‘Mickey’ though in her early days she never pronounced it right.

Her mamma’s nick name is Gudia and she thought that her mamma’s name is gudia only. So whenever anyone asks her about her parent's name she used to reply him.

My mamma’s name is Gudia.
And what’s your father’s name?
Putting her finger on her chick and with two clicks she used to reply.
After long teaching sessions now she’s been able to tell her father’s name accurately though we all miss her “Gudda” word badly.

Few days back she demanded a bicycle and we said ‘OK”. We will get one for you in the evening.
When we asked her that what color's bicycle you want?
She told us her two favorite colors one is blue and second one is pink. Her next demand was "I want two bicycle one in blue and another one in pink."
In her cute voice she said something like this.
Mujhe dono color chahiye. Ak pair blue pe rakhungi ak pink pe.

We are not expecting this bizarre demand though to convince her Bhabhi said OK. In evening you will get what you want.
Next morning when I saw her new bicycle I was shocked and the reason was that  her Bicycle was actually in two colors major one was blue and Barbie stickers was of pink. Even the paddles of her bicycle were in both colors.

And as that quote says "A son is son till he gets him a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life. Whenever i think about those who kill daughters I feel a killing sensation in my nerves. Bloody ********.


  1. Wov!!!! beautiful pictures... So Sweet baby... Mashallah!

  2. I agree with the last message .... the crime should be stopped !!!

  3. The entire post was lovely. These are really cute angels! My heart goes for the last line, these people must be hanged till death.
    BTW I also love daughters, I am myself one ;)

  4. Honey is so cute. :)
    And the message this gives,it should stop,the abuse,the killing or whatever is going on out in this world. Painful. Shameful deed.

    Thanks for following my blog!