Friday, 21 September 2012

Munna Jara Sunna

Dear Me,

Unfolding this letter you must be expecting first line something like “I Hope you are doing fine there and all that” and reading this you must be shocked that why I didn’t write those lovely words of care in the beginning. Don’t I care about you?
Stop grinning. I hate the way you smile. Your front two teeth make you look like a rabbit. 
Yeah!!! Now you look good.
Hey buddy listen now as you’ve become older. At times you should behave like a man. And the reason behind the missing of those words is that I know that a person like you can never be sad. You know the art to paint this life colorful.
Oh!!! My god!!! Again White t-shirt!
Don’t you have any other color to wear or do you still think that “No matter what black job a man does but his collar should always be white”. Don’t you remember what shivani had said you once? “All color suits on you. You look good in blue also. You should try out other colors too.”

Hey!!! Shivani remembers me your long list of girlfriends. Do you still Loves to make that list long or now you’ve got one who is able to put a full stop finally.

Yeah!!! Yeah!!! I know now you want me stop saying all this rubbish. You are looking for something serious. Aren’t you? I know you love to hear straight forward words. So read me carefully.

I hate when you booze a lot.
I hate when your anger ruins your own created plot.

I hate when your whiskey talks.
I hate your alcoholic walks.  

I hate when you shout at her.
I hate when you slap her.

I hate when you ditch angels
I hate when you evade their pain teary eyes channels

I hate the way you think at times.
I hate the way negativity runs in your spine.

I hate when you behave immature
I hate when you pollute the pure.

I hate when you broke rules
I hate your fighting tools

 I got thousands things to hate in you and just one to love. I’ll tell you the last thing in the last.
But for now Mr. Me “where was I?
No!!! No!!! Before that. Yeah!!! On hate.

You know the time has come when you should start improving yourself. Now you need to improve yourself for your life partner especially for the other half part of your soul. You know sitting somewhere she is knitting dreams of you. Just ask yourself, can any girl spend her life with a person like you? No girl can.  

With each passing day your attitude your habits is running you. You know yourself better than me. Just look at you, just look at your heart. What are you up to?   

Please do something and take right steps so next time when I write to you I got some lines to describing what I love in you.

And I’m sure a day will certainly come when I’ll be able to write you the words of praise. Promise me that you will improve yourself. And I don’t want to hear that you will try your level best and so on. I heard this somewhere and today when my heart is talking I want you to tie my words with your breaths.
“Losers try their level best and die. Winners fight hard and go home with the victory queens.”

And yeah!!! The last thing that I love in you is “you. And this is the only reason I’ve been giving you thousand of second chances for 22 years.
You know Mr. Me “there is always one person in our life to whom we give numerous second chances, reason is that, we don’t hate him as much as we love him.”

In my life you are that person. You are the one on whom I can bet my whole life earnings. You are the gambler of gamblers. No one can beat you. You have all cards in your hands. The only thing you need to learn is “uses of those cards”.

And yeah!!! Before putting the pen down I want to tell you one most important thing. You remember in you’re third year you’d written a rap. I love two lines of that song.

Before and after me is a list of losers!!!
Koi kar ni sakta muqabla mera!!!

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  1. An Honest & heart-touching letter. The style in while you abhor the wrong- doings's add that extra zink to the letter :) Lovely read thanks

  2. I loved the song ... motivating !!!