Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Evil with no hands

One may understand the cosmos, but never the ego; the self is more distant than any star.
            Gilbert K. Chesterton

When Neil Armstrong reached on moon all gods were seeing this progress of humans. They all were pleased though there was a thing which was bothering them and the very reason behind their worry was “if mankind has reached moon, someday they could find the heaven too so where would we all go?” Groping their whole mind when they didn’t get any proper solution they decided to ask this to “lord of lords” lord Shiva.
They all went to lord Shiva and ask this question.

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“As you know humans has reached at moon and they are too near to get to know the hidden facts of the universe. We all are thinking that now someday they will find us too. Please tell us a place to live that humans can never find.”

Lord Shiva was listening this calmly and was smiling. Hearing them lord Shiva replied.

There is no need to worry about that because from the beginning we all have known that someday humans will make this so when we created this universe I created a place too where we all can live. That very place is secured by many gates and fences. If any human want to see us clearly he has to cross all those gates and fences.   

What place is that? (Lord Indra asked back, gaping at others)

 That place is inside ‘human heart’. Humans will try to find us in whole universe but they will never try to do so inside themselves.

Getting the answer of their problem all gods was pleased though they ask one more thing.

 So how could humans get us and what are those fences which humans have to cross to get us?

If any human want to get us, he will have to follow the way of truth and equality. When he will start moving on this path ahead he will face a giant evil and His name is ‘ego’.

One lord asks further that how could powerless human get the victory over this giant evil? It will be an unfair with humans?

Lord Shiva replied taking a deep breath “Every way is always named on the name of its destination. If one walks on this very way he will reach at the destination of truth and equality. The only way to get is to defeat this ego and the only way to get victory over this ego is ‘follow the way of truth and equality’.

Every human is same so if one lives in his ego and overlook the truth then he will never get us. And most importantly here ‘we or god’ means “The treasure of happiness and the treasure of prosperity”.

Now I have to go in my meditation again so will you please take a leave for now? Saying this lord Shiva closed his eyes and went into Samadhi.

All gods were too happy to get the proper solution of their greatest worry.

My takeaway is that the only way to get rid of this so called feeling of ego is that you have to unveil the curtain discrimination. We all are humans and we all are same. There is no difference between us.  The moment you realize this reality and treat everyone with equality and love at the very moment you get the victory over this evil of ego and takes a step ahead to get the god.


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