Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where To Park ???

Udaipur got everything but parking space. And the title of this article is not actually a title it’s my girlfriend’s often ask question.

Every time when we plan for a long long bike ride or to go to a place where we get some privacy, she got panicked about “where to park her activa”? Here I am talking about that kind of scenes, my fingers in her hairs, and her head on my shoulder etc. etc.

If you are thinking that we have thousands of places in Udaipur where she can park, then I should clarify one thing in the beginning. Whenever I suggest her any place her next worry would be…

"Papa dekh lenge"

Hearing this I often buzz “is your father an anteryami”? But really my girlfriend’s father is an anteryami kind of person. I remember very well, one year back we were on the way of nandeshwer ji and what.

We were caught red handed. Her Dad didn’t say anything on that time but when she reached home she had to listen a big lesson on sanskars. Next day when I met her she told me that her father had seen her scooty parked near mallatalai circle and that very reason led him towards nandeshwar ji.  

But after that incident we both used our brain cells at their level best and find out some unique places to not face similar hitch again.

If you too have any girlfriend then I bet you also face this problem everyday. So here I am telling you our find outs’.

Make her park her scooty in any mall’s parking: - Now we got some awesome malls with huge parking area then why not to use that to hide out your girlfriend’s tiny scooty.
And if you say your gf’s family have much greater anteryami member than mine one. Then I must say “in any worst case if anyone sees her scooty then also she could make too many reasons to fool them around like I went inside for shopping, for movie or for anything with my friends.

Park in any residential complex’s parking: - I love these unvoiced darken basements. Most of the complexes in Udaipur have no security available so no one bother about whose vehicle is this or who parked over here kind of things. Especially it will provide least chance of getting caught. 

Park at any beauty parlor or in any crowded market area: - Well!!! I personally prefer this one often. Cuz by chance if her family noticed her vehicle then also she could make thousands of fake dialogs to convince them and make them believe that she was in market with her friends.

General hospital: - A place to make your girlfriend’s vehicle parked securely. Well!!! I am writing about this place only for those guys whom gf’s are too much insecure and always bother about thefts. If you find your gf murmuring often “nahin..yahan nahin” then this place is best for you.

Last but most wonderful: - You know I’d read somewhere that “Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love. Some are born, just to experience the abbreviations of it”.

Love blossoms, nurtures and transforms with belief. Without faith you can get everything but love. Love doesn’t mean that you love only your gf if you want to win her whole heart then you have to win her family’s heart too. And at the moment you get succeeded in that the very moment this post will become futile for you.


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