Saturday, 8 September 2012

You Know...Aaj Duggu kho Gaya Tha !!!

You know… Aaj duggu kho gya tha !!!

Hearing the above written line I was shocked and was thinking ‘Duggu’ who is duggu? On the other side she was about to cry. Well!!! Her shaken voice were clearly made me think that now she would cry, now she would cry and finally she cried.
Before she would have said anything else or would have added any further comment in her report I'd cut the line down. Few minutes later I found myself pressing the self start button of my scooty in a half drenched condition (it’s been two days pious water of lord Indra drenching my mother land). But leave the weather condition of Udaipur cuz right now I’m not in a mood to write on nature today I’m in full swing to write my silly gf’s inanity.
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So where was I? Yeah scooty. So I was trying hard to start my scooty so that I could go out to find her so called lost duggu. In hurry I didn’t even bother about my cell and rushed out so I got no way to call her back and ask anything about duggu. I mean how he looks like or more is that a pet or a human.

I didn’t have any clue and launched a search operation of duggu. Drenching in heavy rain I measured five km, asked too many people including the paan wala, sabji wala and etc. etc. wala that have they seen any duggu roaming helplessly here and there.

Getting no answer I thought ‘I should better get back home’ so I came back and made her a call. After two or three rings she picked up the call.

Gudia Maine sab jagah dekha but koi answer nahi mila. (I searched everywhere but no one knows anything about duggu.

What? Searched. Have you gone mad or what? Before she would have said anything further I’d crossed her line saying “first tell me duggu mila ki nahi”.

And the long awaited answer came "Duggu to mil gaya na,, dadda ji usko bhool aaye the, wo police station main mil gaya". This time I felt that she is giggling.

Before this I had to think only about duggu but now a new character came into the picture “dadda ji”. I asked her. First tell me who is duggu and dadda ji?

Duggu akshra and naitik’s son. She replied taking a deep breath.

Again I was trapped in the same situation now two more new characters had come into the picture Akshra and naitik. I was thinking ‘now who the hell is akshra and naitik.This time I was about to cry or you can say I was about to jump down from my balcony though guessing my situation she replied.

"These are the frictional characters of a TV serial and duggu is a two years old baby". She said and started laughing. 
Two minutes later I was hanging up my raincoat and was smiling on the stupidity I had done recently. The way she informed me about duggu’s missing, I missed out the magic word in her sentence “tha”.
I’m sure that you are laughing on my stupidity so why not to talk about something serious. 
A countless number of children go missing every year. Every hour, 11 children go missing in the country. There are many categories in these missing children reports Kidnapped children, trafficked children, lost children and many more to write. 
Two days back I was talking to an American NGO worker (they were launching a new program on this very issue) and she told me the reality or the inside story of girl and child trafficking. Hearing her I was astonished and was thinking, ‘where do these children go? 

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And finally find out the answer, the final destinations of these children are brothels or forced labor mafia. If any child is lucky enough to not get into mafia’s hands then he could get the chance of beggary on traffic signals.

And here I’m not talking about Varanasi or kamatipura or gb road’s brothel here I’m talking about brothels of bangkok and pataya. The situation is really getting worse with each passing day.

Here we bother about coal scams; we have so much time to revise our useless reservation policies, we have time and mood to talk about everything but we don’t have time to make our policies efficient towards these major social issues.  

Every child is not as lucky as duggu. Every child’s parents are not like akshara and naitik. Every child doesn’t go in the hands of an honest man. I won’t write what we can do or what we should do Cuz everyone knows his responsibility.

Though I would say next time whenever you hear anything about any missing children please try to do something or at least raise your voice against child trafficking.

     A heavy rain or floods
Doesn’t have that much guts
To stop human efforts

If we come on our will
We can amalgam
The sky and earth  

If we come on our will
We can break stars
Standing on earth.

 If we come on our will
We can turn around
The flooding floods

Gudia you know after 50 years when I would be powerless and old even on that time if you would call me to inform something like this I would certainly standup and raise my voice against these anti-social elements.

A day will certainly come when no child will cry and no daughter will find herself cooped in brothels. A day will come when our united voice will certainly change this scenario.

And yeah on the stupidity I’d done.

Is ishq wich yaaro kuch kiya v ni janda.
Rola paya v ni janda.
Chup riya v ni janda.


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