Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Both of me!!! Part-2

So! Where was I?
Yeah!!! on Ravi bhai!!!

Enjoying our makai and amrud (corn and Peru) we all started our bikes to move back. At Pharma bazaar ravi bhai again swtiched on the same channel and started talking about those girls and were saying “kab call karegi wo. karegi bhi ya nahi’ it was something like Patrkar popat lal of tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma. Meri shadi hogi bhi ya nahi,,hehe…

He was on his bike and we all were standing near to him suddenly he saw something.
“Wo ja rahi hai wo dono”
Me and usman bhai gaped at the end of that road and we got to see nothing. Ravi bhai said ‘betho (sit on the bike. I’m sure that they are the same girls ‘meri najre dhoka nahi kha sakti” and all that.)

In no moments we were on our bikes again and were following them. We broke each and every rule (crossed red light, shouted on traffic hawaldar) and finally trapped those girls back.
Well!!! You can say that it was an accident that we saw those girls twice in a day in the city like Udaipur (population more that 6 lac). Though for ravi bhai it was a miracle. Exactly like majnu says in Welcome,,, Miracle- miracle…

This time they were in front and we were following them. Two minutes later they made their scooty halted at purohit café. We all were standing outside the café and were thinking about “what to do now, kind of things.

Finally ravi bhai said “we should leave our visiting card in her scooty if she wants to talk she’ll call). My first expression was ‘no, it’s not a good idea. What they would think about us” We are not “sadak chap lofar” or we don’t come from those who often tease girls.

Though at last getting no other clue I agreed and said.
“Karo jo karma hai but fast.”  

And he did exactly what he wanted to do. He leaved his visiting card in their front dickey.  And after this we all came back to Pharma bazaar. Around four in the evening I bagged for a leave and leaving them got back to my home.

At six my cell phone sang ‘hey Manmani manmani manmani Re. I received the call. Ravi bhai was on the other side said “Where are you? She called and her name is Monika. I can’t tell you everything on the phone so please come here.

At seven I went there and he started painting that picture again. Me and usman bhai were standing near his bike and he started telling everything putting his hand on his moustache.

 “At half pass five my cell flashed. I picked up the call and a female voice came from the other side.

Hi!!! This is Monika, You left your card in my scooty that’s why I am calling you. Say what you want to say. Why you left your card in my scooty?

Now the all beauty of that day and the lol mode conversation started taking its place. That stranger girl was from Delhi and too good to speak English. She said all these base lines in a few seconds and our simple and cute protagonist Ravi bhai comes from a small city Udaipur. His English is good but in front a delhi or Mumbai girl..haha..

Her next line was “first tell me, who are you, rahul or ravi? (As I said earlier he uses rahul just in front of stranger girl otherwise everywhere including his visiting card his name is Ravi).

In hurry he replied (according to him he said this)
“Both of me”
Actually he wanted to say “dono main hi hu”

When usman bhai and I heard this we started laughing out madly. Pressing my stomach I was repeating “both of me,,both of me).

When we’d through with all these he started narrating that conversation further.

“First tell me who you were among those three”. She asked. (Without minding his previous and newly created line in English).

He replied (still sitting on cloud nine) the one who were riding the bike.

OH MY GOD,,, NOT AT ALL… I WANT YOU TO NOT CALL ON THIS NO. AGAIN!!!  Saying this rude line she cut the line down.

Ravi bhai were smiling telling this conversation and a song were echoing in my ears…
“Dil ke arma aansuo m beh gaye,,,hum wafa kare bhi….

My takeaway is that without help life is nothing, on every mile you need someone to show you the correct way, to hold you before you fall and to praise your previous journey so next time whenever you see anyone bothering about his right way, please try to help him out. And do try to help him out without thinking about what you will get back. This is life and this is the actual voyage, you can never complete this without the help of strangers.   


  1. WOW! Simply beautiful. You narrated it so well, Liked many statements but the majnu bahi's from welcome was awesome. Yes i agree with you on the last line :) Nice of you guys to help those girls in need... The "both of me" was quite hilarious :)

  2. Amazing experience ... i laughed my heart out :-)