Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Who Is behind Udaipur Daily?

Hello There!

I’m Himanshu Nandwana. A Hotelier, freelance food writer and occasional photographer living in the city of lakes “Udaipur”. Before writing this I googled everything about “how to write an interesting “about-me” page and now when I’m actually penning me down I got no clue.

Well one thing I want to tell you “ Yeh firangi hote to gyani hai”

I guess you must have heard everything about Udaipur so I won’t waste your time telling you about my city.

Udaipur Daily is just a blog in this phase but after diwali I’m planning to commercialize it. A print addition for the lovely youth of Lake City.

I’m a professional chef graduated from Ahmedabad. I love to wear white.

“Koyala dhota tha godi main. Bachpan kali rato main aur jawani kale kaamo main beeti….”

“If my mamma would read this she would certainly scream on me”. hehe!!!

I’m not filmy at all. It is just like that that I like white color very much. Last time when I counted I had more than 50 white t-shirt.

For my family specially for my elder brother my this liking is very good. He lives in UK so every year when he comes; he no needs to bother about what would I like? or what I wouldn’t.

So This is me. Hey yea!!! My nick name is mickey.  You people can  also call me mickey. 

Thank You!!!


    1. What a lovely intro, super fantastic. How are you Mickey? Long time no response. Bye take care!