Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Write a Guest Post?

Whatever your dreams are as a writer, Udaipur Daily is a good place to get them fulfilled. Everybody can write for Udaipur Daily.

Become an UD contributor

If you are passionate about writing and would like to share your musings with the lovely dwellers of the lake city, you should consider joining our network of international contributors:

Create your file in Word format (Font Name & Size- TNR 12) and mail it to the link given below.

We appreciate if you would mention following things also in your mail.


Write your article’s target. Think about the person who is reading it: what do they know? How well do they know it? What are they curious about?

Write your article’s aim. What is it going to tell the reader? How? Why will the reader know more about the subject after reading this article?

Write your article’s abstract. It should be a summary of the whole article, in just 10-15 lines.

 Mail your article @ udaipurdaily@yahoo.com


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