Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Logo ka kaam hai kehna !!!

I remember the date well 20th june 2007. I was about to take one of the biggest decisions of my life. I had to take a decision! It was getting late!! I was done with my senior secondary but scored awful and got just 59.69%. There were too many ways open to me. I could have done C.A. (well in reality I couldn’t have), I could join any other course though hearing my heart’s voice I chose a totally different way.

My Nani told me this story and to be honest that was the last time when I thought “what would people think?”

Journey begins with a grandpa, his grandson and their donkey! They were travelling to a distant village and had to pass by many other villages before reaching their final destination .And they started , grandpa , grandson sitting on their donkey. They reach the first village, and as soon as they enter they find a few people telling "Look at them! How insensitive?! They are healthy enough to walk and are yet torturing the poor, weak donkey. ”They immediately get down and start walking alongside the donkey, continuing their journey. They reach the next village and again they hear people talking about them! "Hahah..look at those fools ! They have a donkey and are yet walking by its side! How dumb!!" Listening to that, they decide that only one of them will sit at donkeys back. That way they could use the donkey for traveling and donkey too won't be burdened .The grandson lets his grandpa to sit on the donkey . They further travel and reach the next village. They once again hear people commenting on them "Look at how cruel the grandpa is !! He is making that poor boy walk in the scorching heat of the sun and is nicely enjoying the ride all by himself!!" Feeling as if he had committed the biggest crime, grandpa got down in a split second and let grandson sit on the donkey and they continue. Next stop. "Look what an excruciator that little boy is! Being young he can walk miles but he is making his old grandfather do that. kalyug.kalyug ! "

                   So it's pretty clear, eh? People will always talk, no matter what you do.... they will always find some or the other flaw to gossip!! So do we really care about them? So much so that we sometimes sacrifice our dreams, sacrifice being what we are, and sacrifice taking decisions that would change our life for the better?

Or sometimes just brood over some bullshit rumors that we hear about ourselves? Are these people and their talks this important? Morons - that is what I love to call them, draw conclusions without prior knowledge and spread it like wild fire. So next time you have something up in your mind , before considering what people would think , why not first consider if you like it or if your virtues / conscience allows you to do so ..... Because if the "latter ones in place and you own their wife and kids" (social network) ;)                                                            

                                                  And as they say:
                              "Great minds discuss ideas ,
                                          average minds discuss events,
                                          small minds discuss people!"


  1. I have long ago read this tale in one of my textbooks but the way you used it here in this post is just lovely! Keep up the good work Himanshu, I am really glad to be one of your Readers :) Take care