Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Say that 'You love them'

I read this really touching story from one of the books long back… which holds a real important truth we neglect or don’t pay heed to…before getting to that point I would like to share a story.

It was about a guy in high school , he loved his school , friends and most importantly his PARENTS . One night he was just thanking god for making his life so near to perfect . He could see his dad from the open door , sitting and working on his laptop for some important presentation he had the next day , and all of a sudden this boy felt sooo much of love and respect for his dad that he wanted to go there , hug him and tell him i love you dad ! and then he  hushed the feelings away just as soon, as they had come thinking c'mon a guy isn't supposed to tell such stuff to another guy...it's not a guy-thing ! The next day he went to his school , had fun like he normally has , teased his friends like he normally does , and left from the school as he normally does , little did he know that it wasn't going to be a normal day ! On coming back home he found way too many people in the backyard , he was confused ... "was it mom's birthday today ? nahh...may be their anniversary ? What’s so special about today?" he went straight inside to find out and had to face the hardest moment of his life.... his dad was lying there , right in front of him , lifeless , with bruises , he couldn't come to terms with the reality . His dad had met with an accident on his way back home, leaving him spot dead .Tears filled his eyes and emptiness his heart . He hugged his dad , said him i love you , but it was too late . He felt bad for not letting his dad know how much he loved him and respected him last night , even though he would always fight with him for petty issues like pocket money or for permission for a Saturday pyjama party in order to escape spending time with the family.He thought it was boring and uncool to sit and spend time with parents , not anymore , now he regretted everything he had ever said , every time he bunked to avoid spending time with his dad . But nothing could be changed . It was too late .

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                                             I hope you guys must have by now guessed what i was trying to convey . Just like this boy , most of us take our families for granted , we love them but we never express , we think we are gonna live forever ! We think THEY are gonna live forever . But life has it's own plans . So why not love them , express our feelings to them when we are all together instead of regretting later ! And not only that but then living life , doing everything we love NOW ! Not procrastinating things for next summer or next Christmas ... who know if you would still breath ? And most importantly you live only once , so live it king size , make most of every second , live in the now ,  Because we never know if tomorrow comes.There's nothing as mysterious and as unpredictable as life is and like they say ;
                                      "Take chances,tell the truth ,
                                  spend the money on the things you love,
                                  get to know somebody random,
                                  say i love you to someone in life,
                                           feel the true love,
                                  tell the idiot how he/she hurts you,
                                  abuse someone who deserves it,
                                  sit alone,watch the rain and cry,
                                  laugh till your stomach pains,
                                  dance even if you are bad at it,
                                  pose stupidly for photos,
                                  give someone a hug when they need it and
                                  make sure to get one when you do,
                                  be naughty like a child
                                           live it !
                                          love it!

                              because -- "You only live once ,
                                              but if you do it right , 

                                                once is enough ;) !  " - Mae west                                                                                                                


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